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Acne is a very common disease, can be caused by different factors.

It can happen at any age but is more common in teenagers and affect the person physically and psychologically.

Hormones and diet have an influence on the acne. DHEA make acne worse but high dose Estrogen can be used for treatment.

Classification of acne is important. We set our treatment strategies according to acne type. There are different types of classifications by age, clinical features or grades of acne.

Two main complications of acne are scar and PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

We have atrophic and hypertrophic acne scars which should be treated differently.

Atrophic scar is because of collagen loss in all layers of skin even the subcutaneous layer. Available treatments are like chemical peeling, PRP, micro needling.

Hypertrophic and keloid acne scars are results of excessive inflammation. The treats are injections, lasers, surgery ad creams and gels.

The best treatment is prevention and key point in treatment of acne is early treatment. Diagnosing and treating early can help us a lot. As the time goes by  chance of acne scar increases. These are one of the most challenging patients and acne scar will not be treated completely it just going to look better.

According to your availability in the place that you work with you can use different combination therapies.