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There are three major races in Malaysia, Malay, Chinese and Indian races. We can not treat all of them the same way.

Changing women life style, surging demand for energy based treatments and increasing adoption of noninvasive gynaecological procedures are drivers of cosmetic gynaecology market.

Another factor that why this industry is growing in Malaysia is the fact that they are very cheap. Aesthetic gynaecology treatments are cheap to start, they are safe and the patients have tendency to come back to request for other procedures.

There are differences between an ideal western and ideal Asian vagina. The ideal vagina in an Asian perspective has to be petit, slit like and have a pinkish hoe.  Procedures related to the vagina are not always an aesthetic procedure. We also have functional indications as well. External consideration are like color and hair, Internal considerations like tightness and hanging labia and vaginal dryness are the functional issues.

Some of the laser based devices will be discussed in the webinar. Femilift Alma lasers and Monalisa touch are laser based devices. Thermiva an ReVIVE are radiofrequency devices. Treatment cycle for each of them is different.

A study showed that using radiofrequency with PRP gets us better results if the purpose of the treatment is enhancement of sexual pleasure.

With laser based treatment, we get better results with combination therapy than monotherapy.

We have stopped performing G spot augmentation because the result showed that it wasn’t that effective.