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Fat grafting is becoming more popular in Canada. We will try to compare its advantages and disadvantages with filler treatment.

Liposuction is an old procedures that blood cell and transferring other cells with fat are issues with this method.

Dr.Zuk paperwork about multilineage cells in adipose tissue affected fat grafting and using stem cells in adipose tissue for treatment. They could growth adipogenic, osteogenic and chondrogenic cells from adipose tissue stem cells.

The key in using this stem cells is dissociation of them from other cells with mechanical or chemical dissociation force.

Paracrine factors effect on MSCs (mesenchymal stem cell) and mesenchymal stromal cells or medicinal signaling. MSCs respond to and are shaped by inflammatory cinditions.

Exossomes are very new and important for perspective. EV (Extracellular Vesicle) is the real name of the exossomes. They are harvesting using different protocols.

Minimum standard characterization for ASCs (Adipose stem cell) are defined in presentation.

Some cases of using fat grafting for acne scar, face lifting, butt lifting and other patients will be presented.

Fat grafting is long learning technique and the ability of you to perform the procedure will affect complications and result that your patient will see.