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In this webinar we will explore  “Google my business” tool and how to create “my business” profile.

Optimizing your profile in order to have a prime experience in Google Search is of the significance of this advantageous platform.

The webinar will focus on the:

  1. Strategies to recognize and avoid common mistakes that businesses make when creating or updating their Google My Business platform.
  2. Google reviews and ways to get the best results from your reviews.

This course is highly recommended to those who are in the business of aesthetic medicine.

Beginner, intermediate or advanced, get involved in the massively popular online course that will help you gain a better understanding of online marketing and how it influences social media.


We have prepared some interesting topics for you in this webinar. People who start aesthetic medicine usually think about Instagram but we think if you put more value on Google you are going to be more and more successful. Google is spending millions of dollars on the Google My Business platform to make sure they capture the market. That’s why you have to make sure as a local business to take advantage of this great opportunity. It has lots of free features that you can spend time and learn about them.

First, we are going to show you how to claim your Google My Business profile. Surprisingly many businesses do not have even an account on Google My Business. Then we will teach you some tips to modify your profile to promote your position in the search engine. And at the last part, you will learn to do a few things on a daily basis to keep your profile strong. These are some simple steps and by doing them and avoiding the mistakes that many of your competitions are doing you will see great results.

Why do you need this? These days, people will search you, will search your name looking to what other people say about you, and guess what, they are going to search your name and you don’t even have a profile on Google. How can they trust you? As soon as you take care of this and make a profile, you are going to be more successful.

Where should you start? You must have some bases, a name of business, logo, website, Instagram page, etc. Once you have these basics, you are ready to make your Google My Business profile. We will guide you step by step to make your own account perfectly.

A great way to increase your GMB profile ranking is to have a NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number). Adding more related categories to describe your business is another way. You should give a lot of value to the photos and the reviews. These are the two things that Google values them most. If you have good and updated photos it will increase your success chance.

The stuff that you need to check on a daily basis includes posts, messages, photos and videos, Google analytics, opening hours and specially the reviews. Based on FORBES, 84% of people trust reviews the same as their friend’s recommendation. Your reviews should be high score and also have a high number. Make a goal for yourself, the goal is that every 2 months you should double your review count. The more review you the more patients will visit you. The barriers between your clients and Google reviews should be minimize so it becomes easier for them to submit a review.

The reviews are tricky and important and we will talk about it more detailed. Always give your patients a reason why they have to write a review for you. The best time to ask for a review is the emotional moments! Emailing to all customers for a mass review is a bit risky but it also can lead to a nice increase of your review count. Replying the reviews should be done carefully and will affect your business a lot.