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Acne vulgaris is the commonest skin disorder. It affects up to 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 years old. Twelve percent of women and 3% of men will continue having acne until the age of 45.

Scarring is the most common, most disfiguring, most distressing and most recalcitrant sequel of acne. It is, classically, the end result of severe cases of acne but also occurs with excoriated acne and, surprisingly, in some cases of clinically mild acne without previous noticeable inflammation or neurotic excoriation.

Post acne scars form in many shapes and in different degrees of severity from atrophic to hypertrophic and from cosmetically acceptable to socially embarrassing.

In few minutes, a scientifically simplified and direct-to-the-point review explaining the mechanism of scarring in acne and how to avoid and treat it will be presented. Prophylaxis and treatment cover the important instructions to be given to the patients and best treatment options available.