Dr. Amr Rateb – Healthy is beautiful: tips for basic skincare

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Skin is the interface between the human being and the surrounding society. The first impression we give to others, is given by “how we look”, and in our modern life, this raised the awareness about aesthetic products and procedures. It is surprising, with all the interest given to use beauty products and to undergo cosmetic procedures, how many doctors, beauticians and “clients” ignore the basic facts about keeping a healthy skin. To make the situation even worse, strange myths and trends gain popularity every now and then, that do more harm than benefit.

The ultimate result of all the treatment options we offer to those who come asking for our help and advice is obtain a healthy, good looking and socially attractive skin. Caring about the skin health should be the base that supports whatever aesthetic maneuver.

In this presentation, we will revise some of the basic facts and important tips about the health of the skin (and its appendages) and how to keep and improve it. Health is beauty and nothing is more beautiful than a healthy clean skin.