Dr. Ashraf Badawi: How to provide the best service in aesthetic practice

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Every practitioner working in the aesthetic field is exerting the best efforts to learn the best techniques to provide the best quality service however the best outcome of the aesthetic service does not depend only on a good technique but also on a good patient selection and making sure that the most appropriate technique is selected for the patient. Learning the patients motive, the expected outcome and evaluating the psychological status of the patient play a vital role in the final outcome and patient satisfaction.

Patient psychology plays a crucial impact on his/her self esteem and demands and this is reflected on the demands and satisfaction of any procedure he/she might undergo.

Keeping that in mind, it is mandatory for the treating physician to be able to evaluate the psychological status of the patient before discussing any cosmetic treatment modality and starting to implement it.

In Conclusion, It is important to:

Understanding the Patient psychology
Understanding the patient needs
Using the best available procedure for the patient’s condition/problem
Trying to achieve the desired results with the most natural result possible
The goal should be rejuvenation and not a temporary fix or permanent damage