Dr. Beatriz Molina-Facial volumization in the Digital Age

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Due to the growth of non-surgical procedures amongst the young generation requesting medical aesthetic treatments in order to emulate the ‘flawless’ image projected by photo filters.. Dr Beatriz Molina will present a new approach to volumization for younger patients seeking these treatments, base on an easy facial assessment of facial shapes, to achieve natural results in this challenging digital era.


Aesthetics magazine in the UK investigates the growth of non-surgical procedures among the young generation. 82% believe injectable treatments are socially acceptable and 52% od consumers worldwide consider to approach to dermal filler injections. Millennials watchwords for nonsurgical procedures are above all-natural results. We are passing from being beautiful to feeling beautiful. Our mirror is the smartphone, the way we would like to appear is modified by fillers, to show others the best version of ourselves. It seems that beauty is now in the eye of Instagram.

We need to provide to the consumer the opportunity to realize their digital image (2D) in real life (3D), a new dimension in beauty. Turn the 2D image that beautygrammers post on social networks into their 3D real image with an easy Facial Assessment by simple identifying their facial shape: triangular, round and rectangular.

Each facial shape has got different areas of shadows and light which correspond to specific areas identified by 4 letters (M-Y-V). by modifying the volume in these areas, light and shadows become more defined. We will show you how to create a 3D beauty for each of these face shapes.

Think about the Rheology of your products, it is very important that you know your range. Most of the times, we need more than one range in our practice, because there are huge differences between the technologies and design of the products to create the effects. Remember that big G’ products will be harder and can lift better and the softer less G’ products will be more liquid and waterier. Sometimes we do need a product that is in between these two and be more like honey so they left the injection point a bit bot don’t go everywhere.

For example, we could act with implants right on top of zygomatic and orbital periosteum in order to straight and pull up these ligaments using products with high G’. on the other hand, to restore volume is soft tissues, you should use lower g’ products.