Dr. Belma Tursen-PRP Uses in Aesthetic Dermatology

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The use of platelet-rich plasma, which is concentrated blood plasma enriched with platelets, is a relatively young but dynamically developing technique used in many fields of medicine. Growth factors released from platelets promote tissue regeneration and constitute an important part of tissue repair. Due to great regenerative potential with it high content of growth factors and other biologically active substances, PRP could be used in medical treatment aimed at skin rejuvenations, scars, vitiligo, alopecia etc. There are also a number of reports confirming positive effects of PRP usage in scar reduction and minimization, improving results of wound therapy and in treatment of chronic skin ulcers. Autologous platelet rich plasma does not stimulate immune response, which translates into minimal therapeutic side effects.
Therefore it is probably one of the safest available methods of treatment in many skin diseases. The aim of this lecture is to present the outcomes of platelet-rich plasma usage in aesthetic dermatology.