Dr. Imran Majid – Fractional laser resurfacing in hypertrophic burn and traumatic scars

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Treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids is a challenging task and there is still no ideal treatment method that can prove universally effective in this condition. Treatment of hypertrophic scars ranges from topical medicines like Silicone based gels and sheets, intralesional steroids, oral medications to cryotherapy and lasers. Among all these treatment options, the one that has really revolutionized the treatment of hypertrophic scars is Fractional laser resurfacing.

Fractional laser resurfacing especially with CO2 lasers has been used successfully in hypertrophic scars as a monotherapy or in combination with topical agents and intralesional injections as well. Fractional laser resurfacing has an independent role in improving hypertrophic scar appearance as well as the functional disability associated with such scars. In addition it also helps by way of laser assisted drug delivery whereby any topical drug can be introduced deep into the scar by utilizing fractional laser induced longitudinal columns of injury.

We have been using fractional laser resurfacing in hypertrophic scars over the last 10-12 years and we have found this treatment option to be more effective than any other therapy. This treatment option not only improves the scar appearance but more importantly it improves the functional disability caused by these scars as well. Adverse effects associated with this treatment are not really significant