Dr. Jennifer pearlman-The Right Angle Jawline

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Redefine youth, Recontour beauty with expert techniques to facial contouring the lower face


The idea of jawline contouring is understanding how to use fillers to balance the shape of jawline and define beauty. The right angle of jawline refers to a well-structured and well-defined jawline that differentiate the face from neck with a prominent mandible and a well-defined, very specific angle of the jaw. The ideal mandibular angle is beyond 90 degrees and approximately 123 degree. Formed by junction od gonion of the posterior border of ramus + inferior border of mandible, the ideal female mandibular angle approximates <125 degrees.

Lower face with aging, remodels dramatically and for women it occurs during their 30s and 40s. ultimately what occurs from the frontal view is a downward drift of soft tissue, converting the triangle of youth to inverted triangle of aging.

For optimizing the Gonian we can use high G1 structural fillers in order to:

  • Sharp contour of the angle
  • Volumetric lift to the jowl
  • Deep boluses extending to pre-auricular region and lateral cheek

We also use tox for masseter hypertrophy (jawline slimming):

  • 10-25 u Neurotox per masseter
  • Divided for medial and lateral injection
  • 1-2 sessions within 2 weeks
  • Every 2-6 months

The PJS (pre-jowl sulcus) arises due to descent of midface volume suspended by MCL (mandibular cutaneous ligament) over the PJS beneath the mandible. In this case we approach to smooth the PJS and lift the MCL. High integration, low-mid G1 HA fillers with 25G cannula retrograde threading to:

  • Revolumize & smooth cone like hollow of PJS
  • Resuspend oral commissure
  • Define upper lip
  • Support lower lip
  • Smooth mental crease
  • Augment projection of chin

Mentalis hyperactivity, crease and upward folding can be relaxed with neurotoxins (6-8u). We do deep periosteal injection of high G1 fillers to reshape the lateral/inferior projection of the chin and reduction of submental fat can be done with DXA (Kybella/Belkyra).

Jawline contouring procedures are about:

  • Lift from above (TT, cheek)
  • The mandibular angle (<125)
  • Jawline slimming prn
  • The Prejowl sulcus
  • The mentum (Rickett’s E plane)
  • The downunder