Dr. Mario Goisis – Why some patients love artificial-appearing lips: the K68 rule

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Aesthetic anthropology is the study of the various ways in which different populations evaluate the beauty of the people around them. The K68 is an anthropological parameter of Koinophilia. Koinophilia is an evolutionary hypothesis proposing that during sexual selection, animals preferentially seek mates with a minimum of unusual features.

3 groups of evaluators are recruited: Group 1, people living in Milan and Bejing, group 2 culturally isolated people from Papua New Guinea (without electric power, internet, magazine, etc), group 3 “aesthetic medicine addicted” (people younger than 25 years old who do at least 10 aesthetic treatments at year).
The attractiveness judgements of different groups of evaluators was tested by using a set of standardized full-color images

a significant agreement between the 3 groups of evaluators was demonstrated on images of people who didn’t do any kind of aesthetic treatment or who had a natural result from this treatment. At the opposite, extreme face modification determined statistically significant differences, in case of full facial tattoo from group 1 and 3 to group 2, and in case of lip augmentation with big volume of Hyaluronic acid from group 1 and 2 to group 2.
CONCLUSION:The results of this study is a typical example of overgeneralization. The attractiveness of normal faces is lower when compared whit tattooed faces when evaluated group 2. In fact, Melanesian culturally isolated population overgeneralizes the tattoo as sign of strong girl.
As the same time, unnatural results of extreme aesthetic medicine are appreciated only by the “aesthetic medicine addicted” group, who overgeneralize injection of a big volume of Hyaluronic acid in the lips of famous people of TV as sign of beauty and success.