Dr. Mohsen Talani-9 Tips to Get More Clients for Your Aesthetic Business

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There are so many tips that can help your marketing, in this article I will try to cover the most important and effective ones. There is so much information that you might forget which one you have to follow so I tried to summarize some of the things that I feel are very important for expert practitioners and even beginners to follow and I think these are probably the most helpful ones.

Tip1: Focus on your clients, not on yourself

The first thing in marketing, in any field, is that you have to change your mentality and vision. The moment that you want to start marketing, automatically you think about yourself and what is good for you, the moment you think about yourself, you are going to lose a big interest of your viewers and audience. The main thing you should remember is to focus on their interest. Always think about what your clients want, although it may seem easy, it is very difficult in action. Think about what they need instead of what you need. When you are making a marketing post or advertisement ask yourself “Is this interesting enough that I can share it with my friends?”

You can follow the 1/5 4/5 rule for any marketing activities:

1/5 = Your benefits

4/5 = Client’s benefits

Tip2: Scheduling software

When it comes to making an appointment a lot of physicians, nurses or spa owners are still doing it the traditional way which is fine and there is nothing wrong with it. The point you should remember is that when you post an advertisement, you must make sure that your patients will have an easy call to action process. You should make it easy for them to make an appointment. There is a lot of online appointment scheduling software that can help you. Never forget to leave the “call to action” in your posts. It can be a button to chat or even a direct appointment button. You can also make getting an appointment even easier by making QR codes. In the end, you have to test the process yourself and make sure that everything is working just fine. Online appointment methods are useful and easy but you should also keep the other traditional doors of booking open. If you are using different methods of booking appointments make sure that you are not making 2 lists of appointments to avoid any conflict.

Tip3: Focus on local marketing

Most spas are local. Very few of you will involve with a type of spa or medical centre that is national. At the end of the day, you want to attract patients that are within 2 km from you. So you should always know who your target is and focus on your target and make sure you are doing most of your advertising in your local area for example use the local hashtags and be a part of local conversations.

Tip4: Sign up for online listings

We can not ignore the number of patients that we get from social media. A lot of the patients search for the service they want to get because they trust the internet. You should make it easier for the search engines to find you because no one will search the name of your spa, people will search the services unless they know you. Either way, being in the good online listings will benefit you. The top online listing that I will always recommend is Google My Business (GBM). Google has made it so easy, you can make a profile on this platform and collect the reviews so you will climb the rankings. GMB is not the only platform that you should use, Facebook, BBB, and Apple maps are some of the other platforms that can help your business.

Tip5: Compile your social media contents, call 1 day per month. “the content day”

Compiling the contents is very helpful. For example, make the first Monday of the month your content day, commit your time and energy for it, make enough content for the rest of the month and release them slowly. During the other days of the month, if you got a new interesting idea, you can write it and use it on the next content day. If you manage your content in this way it will be very beneficial and help you a lot.

Tip6: Make it easy for clients to post from your spa

The best way to marketing is that your clients do it for you. You should always ask about your services that is this something my clients will share with their friends. If the answer is yes, you are doing your job right. Selfie stations in your spas can help a lot. You should also remind them to post from your spa or give them something complimentary to post on their social media and make sure they tag your spa. This is free marketing for you, people love to share where they are and what they are doing so it will strongly increase the chance of word-of-mouth marketing of your business.

Top7: Online reviews

Google customer reviews are a platform that can at the same time benefit or harm your business. You should know how to ask for a review, how to answer a bad review, and this kind of stuff which we did talk about them in one of our virtual courses that are available on our website. In 2 or 3 years google my business will be the most crucial platform in online marketing so you should start investing in it today.

Tip8: Refer-a-friend programs

Every business which doesn’t have this is losing a big part of the market. Make a program telling your patients that if you refer a friend, we will give you a discount or do something free for you. You must remember that even if you give them something free but they don’t like you in the first place, they are not going to refer to their friend but if they like you, by giving them a discount or something free you are giving them an extra motivation to refer you to their friends. Keep in mind that referred clients have a 16 percent higher lifetime value than the other customers. Do not forget to make sure that your referral system is easy to use.

Tip9: Sell packages, offer complementary treatments

By selling packages you can sell in bucks, sell more services to the current client, it will make it much easier to get new clients, will visit the clients more and have a chance to offer them new services and complementary treatment will make their day and make them emotionally connected to you. They also will pay for that service next time anyways.