Dr. Natasha Teovska Mitrevska – Hair stimulation with laser and combination with PRPMitrevska

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Laser phototherapy is assumed to stimulate anagen re-entry in telogen hair follicles, prolong duration of anagen phase, increase rates of proliferation in active anagen hair follicles and to prevent premature catagen development The exact mechanism of action of LLLT in hair growth is not known; however, several mechanisms have been proposed.

The treatment with Erbium yag laser is focused on providing thermal stimulation using an extra-long SMOOTH mode train of Erbium pulses.

We treat each row from the hair insertion line in the forehead area, all the way back to the inion located at the posteroinferior part of the skull. The rows extend from the left to right temporoparietal lines and are planned every 5 mm, so by using a 5 mm spot size, no space is left between them and the complete surface is treated. A total of 4 passes were performed on the whole area (one back and forth pass on a row is considered one pass).

The second step uses the same hair separation technique. SP Turbo3 ablative mode is used in order to produce small 100-micron epidermal perforations to facilitate penetration of 5 cc of PRP.

This process is painless. PRP is applied by simply rubbing it thoroughly in a circular motion over the pre-drilled area. Post-treatment, the patient can resume normal hair washing after 48 hours. After the treatment sessions were completed, the patient was scheduled for a follow-up evaluation four months late.