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We often forget to consider the structure of skin and restoring it to improve the procedure that we are doing. The goal of the treatment is restoration of a healthy skin.

But what is a healthy skin?

A healthy skin has some characteristics like smoothness, firmness, it should be evenly colored and properly hydrated.

Also a healthy skin is free of medical diseases like acne and free of environmentally induced deterioration.

We need to address which part of a healthy skin is missing and examine all the elements to improve the skin better.


The aging process of the skin can cause by factors inside the body or outside of it. This make the aging of the skin in two groups called Chronoaging and Photoaging. The approach, pathology and treatment for these two groups are different which will be discussed.

When we do procedures which are not improving the structure and the function of skin it will not look natural. Our goal must be improving the structure and function of skin which is called rejuvenation.

We should work on make the skin healthy first and then can use fillers for a better look.

Aging can also cause poor and slow microcirculation which affects veins, arteries and lymphatics that can affect the function of the tissues. This problem is important to be remembered in treatment.

We have to remember aging process occurs in all three layers of it. Epidermis, Dermis and Subcutaneous fat and tissue. In this webinar will be talking about the composition of epidermis layer and restoring its function. Hyperkeratosis and skin dehydration symptoms, cause and treatment will be discussed.

The rejuvenation targets and options are another topics that will be covered.