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When the face is aging there are significantly obvious changes. The fat pads will be effected. There is also a skeletal remodeling and dermal thinning.

We need know how these fat pad will change and the reshaping of the face will occur.

How do we create a beautiful face?

We must be thinking of symmetry, proportion, balance. Having all of these right will lead to great results.

What is an Ideal face?

Chinese painters have employed a standard grid to portray ideal Asian and Occidental faces by dividing the face into several regions.

Important factors to achieve an ideal face are facial assessment, knowing your anatomy and choosing the right treatment/filler. If we have all of these then we can treat every aging face correctly.

Right treatment is a result of different factors. Start looking at the patient, do some markings, stop planning the treatment.

You need to have it right from the first time. You need to make sure choose the right treatment. Even if the patients complain the same problem we may need use different treatments.

An important factor for right treatment is the gel. Choosing the right gel will lead to optimized tissue integration, reduced tissue inflammation and natural results.