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This webinar is about HIFU (full-face high intense focused ultrasound) which is becoming popular these days. HIFU delivers ultrasound waves that elevate focal tissue temperature which will lead to coagulative necrosis of the target tissue. After that, it will produce better collagen so the skin will be tightened and lifted. That is how HIFU works.

Some of the indications of HIFU are Brow lifting, Jawline tightening, double chin reduction, and neck lifting. Patient’s needs, fat reduction, and filler destruction are 3 things that you should consider before doing HIFU treatment. It doesn’t have to be done on the entire face and you should be careful about destroying superficial fat and hyaluronic acid that you already injected.

HIFU can be used only to reduce fat but you should be aware of treatment and be careful. SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) is an organized fibrous network that divides superficial and deep adipose tissue of the face. It is an important part of the treatment with HIFU and will be discussed completely in the webinar.

We can divide our face into two upper face and lower face if we want to talk about aging. These two parts have different factors and treatments for aging. The Upper face aging almost doesn’t have any correlation with SMAS except the preorbital area. So if you want to treat the upper face it will be better to treat it in the upper and lower eyelid first and then go for the forehead and temporal part if you think it will help, because there is no SMAS in the forehead and temporal area. On the other hand, the lower face aging is mainly correlated with SMAS. The first problem in lower face aging is increasing skin laxity.

For treating the lower face we analyze the causes of it, then if there is a volume problem treat it first and then use HIFU to treat mild and moderate skin laxity.