Laser for Lip Rejuvenation
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Lip rejuvenation with laser is a non-invasive non-surgical lip treatment with minimal discomfort and minimal risk of change in skin that can be used for all skin types with no downtime.

Laser rejuvenates, fills and plumps the lips as well it defines shape of the lips. The procedure can also treat the nasolabial folds.

This course is recommended to all intermediate or advanced practitioners who are looking for alternative or complementary treatments for lips rejuvenation and beautification.


This webinar is about a very interesting topic, the action of laser and lip rejuvenation. When we talk about lip rejuvenation everybody thinks about fillers and toxins, but we think a combination therapy including especially energy based devices like laser can also have an important effect on lip rejuvenation.

Cosmetic lip augmentation consists of the enlargement reshaping of otherwise normal lips to improve their dimensional relation with the patient nose, teeth, or surrounded facial structure. Lips are considered extremely important for maintaining the overall facial aesthetics. Today lip augmentation procedure has become the most sought after aesthetics treatment. An ideal lip should have these characteristics: fullness and volume, correct balance between the upper and lower lips, well-defined vermilion border.

As an aesthetic expert you should be familiar with the lip anatomy, in this webinar we will help you to know it more. There are some contraindications for any kind of lip augmentation like facial nerve disorders, recurrent herpes simplex lesions, diabetes, and severe hypertension that should be considered and you should ask your patient about them.

Therapy for lip augmentation is divided in 3 categories:

  • Medical: Nonsurgical and temporally applications making mild inflammation response of the lip mucosa (cinnamon oil of caffeine, palmitoyl oligopeptide or l-argenin, Capsicum annum)
  • Surgical: injectable fillers, implants, surgical procedure
  • Future- Laser

We will talk about the last one. We named it LipLase. It is a multi-functional multi-application laser platform with 2 wavelengths and 6 pulse regimes. So instead of 6 different laser systems, we have one. Er:YAG and Nd:YAG are the 2 wavelength that we use. Er:YAG is the ideal laser for skin resurfacing in all skin types and Nd:YAG is the ideal laser for deep thermal tissue processing. The combination of these two enables large number of various applications.

Lip augmentation with laser is a new option for patients who are scared from needle, the results are immediately visible and last for 3 weeks and the treatment takes 15 minutes and it has no side effects. The lip will be swollen immediately because of inflammation which lasts for 24 hours. Patient will have superficial peeling after 3 days and finally after 30 days collagen reaction will give the lips a fuller look and make them rejuvenate fill and plumb.

So the laser lip rejuvenation enhances lips to give them a fuller, more natural appearance through the use of laser energy and the process of collagen regeneration. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that has no cutting or puncturing of the skin with minimal discomfort, minimal risk of change in skin or lumpiness in the area.