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Information about lead generation for those who are thinking about entering the Aesthetic industry or looking to grow or even curious about lead generation.

There are many ways to generate attention to your business. This webinar is about Blogs, Landing pages and Email campaigns. Point of them is to attract patient and customers.

Lead generation is about attracting the target and offering valuable information that attracts the person. It’s a process and take time and effort.

There are traditional and digital types of marketing. Blogs, Landing pages and Email campaigns are digital marketing.

There are common startup mistakes that should be avoided, like not having a marketing plan.

Top 3 methods for lead generation are Emails, Events and Content marketing which can help your business.

Website is important for marketing and it should be easy to find and understand.

Benefits of blogs, what should go in your blog and more other things about the blogs will be talked about. Vlogs are video blogs that are very useful and if you use them properly can also help you a lot.

Landing pages are where visitors take the next step becoming leads you can nurture or making decision to buy. These also can help your lead generation if used properly which will be covered in the webinar. Your goal with landing pages is to motivate visitors to take that next step.

Emails in Email marketing should not be overstuff, keep them simple and stick to one theme/promotion.

Organizing the leads is the next step after building them.

We have upcoming business and marketing series if this is something that is interesting for you.  Things like naming your business, Events marketing, Reputation, Online ads and more.