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CBAM Master Injectables Program (Botox® and Filler) – Interactive Virtual Delivery

Embark on a dynamic and engaging learning journey that blends the flexibility of online education with interactive experiences.

Course Overview
This program provides a comprehensive foundation in aesthetic medicine, covering both basic and advanced treatments in injectables(Botox®/HA fillers). It is designed to impart practical skills for administering a range of injectables safely and effectively.

Course Components
The course is structured into two major components:

  1. Online Education Portion
  • Six months of access to online educational materials.
  • Study at your own pace.
  • Build a solid foundation in injectables treatments.
  1. Interactive Portion
  • Six-week interactive session led by experienced instructors.
  • Weekly assignments and quizzes.
  • Personalized feedback to reinforce learning.

Weekly Interactive Schedule
Week 1: Facial anatomy
Week 2: Basic injectables
Week 3: Pan-facial approach for injectables
Week 4: Upper face injectables – Forehead, Glabella, Temple
Week 5: Midface injectables – Cheek, Lips, Peri-oral, Peri-orbital
Week 6: Lower face injectables – Jaw and Masseter, chin, neck

Important note: This course is intended for healthcare professionals who are authorized to offer these services within their licensed geographic region. Numerous health authorities mandate hands-on practical experience as a prerequisite for practitioner qualification to provide these services. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee your ability to practice solely with this certificate if your local scope of practice necessitates additional training. We strongly advise you to verify this with your licensing body before enrolling in this course. If you are not a healthcare professional, we may revoke your access to this course and may not be able to issue you a certificate of completion.

Course Content

Week 1 (Facial Anatomy)- Part 1: Anatomy of Upper Face Muscles
Week 1 (Facial Anatomy)- Part 2: Anatomy of Peri-oral Muscles
Week 1 (Facial Anatomy)- Part 3: Fat Compartments and Facial Arteries
Week 1: Assignments and Quiz
Week 2 (Basic injectables)- Part 1: Introduction to Neurotoxins
Week 2 (Basic injectables)- Part 2: Introduction to Dermal Fillers
Week 2 (Basic injectables)- Part 3: Filler Complications
Week 2 (Basic injectables)- Part 4: Neurotoxin Complications
Week 2 (Basic injectables)- Part 5: Therapeutic Neurotoxin
Week 2: Assignments and Quiz
Week 3 (Pan-Facial Approach for Injectables)- Part 1: Concept of Aging and Beauty
Week 3 (Pan-Facial Approach for Injectables)- Part 2: Patient Consultation
Week 3 (Pan-Facial Approach for Injectables)- Part 3: Webinars
Week 3: Assignments and Quiz
Week 4 (UpperFace Injectables)- Part 1: Injection Techniques
Week 4 (UpperFace Injectables)- Part 2: Webinars
Week 4: Assignments and Quiz
Week 5 (Midface Injectables)- Part 1: Lip Filler Injection Techniques and Nasolabial
Week 5 (Midface Injectables)- Part 2: PeriOrbital Region
Week 5 (Midface Injectables)- Part 3: Webinars
Week 5: Assignments and Quiz
Week 6: (LowerFace Injectables)- Part 1: Masseter
Week 6: (LowerFace Injectables)- Part 2: LowerFace Treatment
Week 6: (LowerFace Injectables)- Part 3: Webinars:
Week 6: Assignments and Quiz
More Materials
Basic Botox and Filler Workbook