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The nose is an important part of facial harmony and nose surgery is the gold standard treatment for patients with nose problems. Surgery gives the result but we need injections to maintain it. Peri nasal injections protect the nose result from aging.

We can get pseudo-surgical results by using AH+ BT. It is important to know the anatomy of the nose. The nose can be divided into two parts: the first part is the aesthetic nose including the bone and the septum then you have the tip of the nose which is the mobile part of it. If you want to have a natural result you have to keep the tip of the nose dynamic.

The most interesting part of the medical rhinoplasty for us is the correction with HA. You should analyze the nose from a frontal and labial angle. In terms of filler type, we can choose Hyaluronic acid or Inductor. We prefer hyaluronic acid because the patient can do the surgery after it. If you ever face vascular complications after injecting HA you can always use Hyaluronidase. The aim of medical rhinoplasty can be aesthetic. If it is aesthetic the filler will be placed over the bone and the cartilage layer so we can change the shape of the nose.

Some patients want more tip definition. To do so it is better not to inject in the middle because you don’t know where are the vessels. If you want to have a better supra tip and more triangular tip you should inject the sides of the nose. So if the patient is afraid of surgery, you can change the shape of the nose with HA.

Sometimes the patients already have a big rhinoplasty with bone grafting and you don’t want to do surgery on them. So what you can do is inject HA to have a better symmetry on the Radix. Sometimes the patient doesn’t want too much change, just a better global harmonization, and beautification. We can just put a little HA on the lip, on the Radix, and change the shape of the nose a little.

Medical rhinoplasty advantages are:

  • Immediate result
  • Correcting easier than with surgery
  • Indications and results can be discussed during the injection with patients
  • No general anesthesia
  • No pain, edema, hematoma
  • Reversibility if HA
  • Stable results/ multiple injections Radiesse
  • Short term cost lower than surgery

There are also a few disadvantages:

  • Repeated injections are necessary at least once a year
  • Allergic risk
  • No Inductor’s antidote
  • Long term cost similar to surgery