Neurotoxin (Botox) and Lip Filler training (for dentists)-

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Here you find the online materials related to the Certificate program: Injectables for dentists.

This includes the basics of neurotoxin, injection techniques for neurotoxin, management of neurotoxin complications, advanced therapeutic or aesthetic indications of neurotoxins. Also the course includes basics of dermal fillers, lip fillers injection techniqies and management of complications.

The students (dentists) who have registered for this course will have access to this online materials until 3 months

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How To Get Your Certificate For This Course?

In order to complete this course and receive the certificate, you need to follow the next 3 steps:

Step 1: To watch all the lessons in this page and press “MARK COMPLETE” button for each lesson you have watched.

Step 2: To attend 2-day in-class Certificate Program for Dentists in any of the CBAM centres. (see the calendar of in-class courses)

Step 3: To take the online exam in this page and pass it successfully with at least 70% mark. (Note: the exam link is not working if you have not completed all the online lessons OR if you have not taken the 2-day in-class Certificate Program for Dentists)

As soon as you complete all the above 3 steps, your certificate will appear on the exam page and also on your profile. (Find the Profile section in the main menu on this page)