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We are going to talk about a very popular topic, nonsurgical Rhinoplasty combination with HA fillers and PDO threads.

Beauty has always been a subject of study and maximum dedication especially in women but also for men and doctors who work on aesthetic field of medicine.

First you should find ideal patients for this procedure. So the consultation is important. Patient should be emotionally stable and be aware of limitations of nonsurgical Rhinoplasty.

You should do systematic nasal anatomic analysis. Facial proportions, skin type, symmetry and nasal deviation and other analysis should be done. Also from a lateral view we can analyze nasal length, lip chin relationship, nasofrontal angle and etc. Basal and overhead (cephalic) view should be considered too.

The good result of a good procedure relies on perfect anatomical knowledge.

Skin and subcutaneous tissue, lower lateral cartilages are important factors in anatomy of the nose.

Bridge of the nose, coverage in the operated nose and minor cartilage and bony deficiencies like alar notching and open roof are some of the indications for nonsurgical Rhinoplasty.

Herpes, pregnancy, allergy and acute and chronic disease of the skin of the nose are contraindications of this procedure.

The complications and ways of managing these complications will be discussed in the video. Also there are some tips and simple same rules like never making over correction, using approved FDA fillers that should be considered.

This procedure, nonsurgical Rhinoplasty, has different methods that it is important to know them.