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Periorbital Rejuvenation

Just by looking at eyes and eyebrows we can tell if a person is sad or happy. Eyes and periorbital area are important, if you can rejuvenate these areas you can make the person happier and younger looking.

Eye is so important for a fresh looking and beautiful looking.

Perioirbital area is different in men and women. A healthy and youthful periorbital region in a female has some factors like eyebrow positioning, medial brow lines up with the medial canthus and etc.

Beautiful eyes have different factors in men and women. For example we want hypertrophy of orbicularis oculi muscle only in men, not ladies or the apex of the cheeks is a little bit higher in ladies.

If you inject wrong area you will feminize men which is not what we want.

Aging is a process that happen in a long time not over a night. When you are trying to treat the aging you’re not gonna be able to do it in one session of treatment, It’s a process. You have to do different treatments, you have to gradually make it better and it is always a combination.

We have 5 + 1 layers in the face. Skin, Superficial fat, SMAS (Superficial musculo-aponeurotic system), Deep fat, Retaining ligaments, Bone. The aging can happen in different layers of the face and there are different reasons and treatments for either of them.

Dark circle, Tear through deformity, Deep and superficial rhytides, Tired looking eyes, Eyebrow or eyelid drooping are the most common concerns of the periorbital region. Each of them have different reasons and the treatment plan should be different for treating them.

Periorbital Rejuvenation (1)

Face should be tested first to see which parts need filler.

Tear trough has volume loss. For treating it you should inject to SOOF (suborbicularis oculi fat). The injection will have nasolabial effect.

Important anatomical points like arteries and veins should be considered for finding best place for injection.

RH4 filler is good for this injection. It has high viscosity. RH4 has more lifting effect and a natural look. You have to be in deep layer when injecting SOOF.

Malar fat pad and infraorbital fat pad need injection as well.

Preorbital rejuvenation (2)

Patient has volume loss in temporal and upper eyelid. Midface cheek also has volume loss.

Temporal area, medial and lateral SOOF (sub-orbicularis oculi fat) and mid face injection will be discussed.

Temporal injection best point for injection is important and it should be deep. Temporalis bone is thin and too much push may be dangerous. Exact injection technique and process is in the demo.

For eyebrow injection we will use cannula. This one is superficial and viscosity of product is lower than the deep injection for temporal area. You should inject along the orbital rim.

Injection for SOOF and midface has two part. A deep injection to give structure support to apex of cheeks. Then a superficial injection to medial and lateral SOOF to treat the volume loss.