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Silhouette soft thread lift for facial rejuvenation

Thread lift is a new technique that most likely will be very popular in a few years.

The threads are 100% polylactic acid (PLA) used in medical devices and implants and has the benefits of along absorption time.

Indications are mid face, jaw line ptosis and some other.

It has few complications like bruising, entry point depression and pain and tension that will solve in a few days.

Thread lifts are noninvasive fast office procedures. Recovery time is minimum and it has even more advantages. Although it can’t replace a face lift but can buy time before surgery.

The technique and procedure will be explained. Things like vector places, depth of thread and how does thread lift effect the skin.

Examples of the using thread for face and neck will be presented.

Will the patients see immediate results or they should wait?

Can thread lift be combined with filler injections for volume therapy?

Can we pull out threads after the procedures if the results weren’t good?