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In this discussion panel, the experts will review the major fillers in Canadian market and the rheology of the fillers.

Also based on the texture variations of different regions of the face and also different layers of each region, they will share their experience of selecting fillers for patients.

This webinar is recommended for all beginners and intermediate practitioners in the field who would like to learn the best choice of filler for their clients. Advanced practitioners will also benefit to hear from the other expert colleagues about their experience of applying different fillers from multiple companies.


One of the topics that many people at the beginning and even a while after their practice of aesthetic medicine want to know more about is how to choose the right product? We have so many fillers and products available these days which will make answering this question even more confusing.

Choosing the right candidate, a good treatment plan and deep knowledge about the anatomy and planes will get you to the optimal result if you choose the right product. You have to consider a filler’s: 1.Elasticity, 2.Plasticity, 3. Cohesivity and 4.Viscosity before choosing it. For example, fillers with high elasticity and viscosity are thicker fillers and are more suitable for deeper injections.

HA concentration, degree of cross linking, molecular size and the length of the chains will determine a fillers’ characteristics. For example large molecular size will lead to a filler with high elasticity and cohesivity. The site of injection affects the type of filler that you are going to choose. For example, for injecting in superficial fat you can use a thicker product in comparison to skin because the tissue is less attached.

Teoxane family, Stylage family, Juvederm family, Restylane family and Bletero family are some examples of available fillers that you can choose for different proposes. Bletero family has a volume filler that you can use for a deep injection on forehead. For the lower face a Volux filler from Juvederm family or a balance filler from Bletero family are good choices.

Lip injections depend on client’s age and their goal for injection, whether they are looking for a high volume or just a more natural look. For a mature patients who wants a moderate change in her lips, Cannula is a good option.

We will talk about the best fillers and techniques for every area of the face in detail.