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A topic that so many of the students have asked from us is regulations of medical directives from the physician and nurse’s point of view and how to manage the situations.

This webinar is about what you need to know with regards to medical directives.

CPSO’s point of view in terms of delegation of controlled acts will be discussed. Controlled acts may only be performed by authorized health professionals. Delegation is a mechanism that allows a physician who is authorized to perform a controlled act to confer that authority to another person (whether regulated or unregulated) who is not independently authorized to perform the act.

Direct order and medical directive will be talked about too.

There are some policy to all physicians who delegate controlled acts.

In every instance of delegation, the primary consideration must be the best interests of the patient.

In most situations where a physician delegates the performance of controlled acts, he or she should have current knowledge of a patient’s clinical status.

A physician must not delegate the performance of an act that he or she is not competent to perform personally.

There are more policies like Quality assurance, Consent.

CNO has very similar definitions for directive and direct orders with regards to delegations.

When an order is required for a nurse, what information a directive needs to include for a nurse and more questions like these will be answered.